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I have been taking photos since about twelve years old. Though my education veered into what I 'should' take instead of what I wanted...eventually passion won out. I took every photography class offered at my school, before realizing that I would have to also take classes in journalism to achieve a degree. But that was fun too. Though classically trained in B/W photography and darkroom techniques, I now feel the digital revolution makes it possible to take photography to degrees only dreamed of before.
From the day I realized you could capture a moment in time on film and save to enjoy 'forever', I have been captivated by photography. For the most part, you have to content yourself with what is actually there, but how you perceive reality, what you choose to include and what to leave out...now that is where the art comes in. Although I marvel at what you can do in the digital darkroom, I prefer to leave the majority of my images as natural as possible, or lightly enhanced with 'brush strokes. I rely on composition, lighting, focusing in on the details to convey the mood or story I saw as the photographer. "

AAS Degree: Communications, Journalism, Cleveland, TN

Member: Carolina Nature Photographers Association

Email: ddcmmj3@gmail.com